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Our approach empowers you to understand and lead your dog with confidence and compassion. We offer personalized training strategies catering to your dog's personality and needs, ensuring that the bond you share grows stronger with every session.


"Where training meets transformation"


Understanding Dog Learning

Dogs assimilate and execute commands based on their immediate environment, so it can take 3 - 6 months to understand that these commands apply universally. During this period, dogs associate actions with outcomes within a brief time of 1.2 to 1.5 seconds, meaning any delay in response can impede the overall learning process. 


Training Process

A successful training regimen should consist of weekly (or bi-monthly) sessions to reinforce learning without overwhelming the puppy. Consistency and regular practice are key to the learning process. Initially, we begin with leashed lessons in simple environments, gradually increasing complexity as the program progresses. Training includes teaching new commands and integrating three essential elements—distance, duration, and distraction—into each command for comprehensive understanding, thus the total number of lessons may vary for each dog.

Motivation and Correction

Dogs respond to three types of rewards: treats, praise, and toys. Identifying what motivates your dog enhances training effectiveness while tailoring the correction level to the dog's sensitivity ensures they understand without becoming fearful or resentful. The aim is to correct without causing fear or negative associations.

Available Training Services

Personalized training programs designed to help bridge the gap in communication with your best friend, because training is more than teaching tricks. 


Adopting a new pet means welcoming a new family member into your home. We can help teach your dog essential behaviors, manners, and commands to ensure harmony in the household. We can also provide training that includes off-leash skills.

Behavior Modification

Let us assist in eradicating unwanted behaviors like leash pulling, jumping on people, separation anxiety, and counter surfing. Through a thorough evaluation, we can uncover the causes of these behaviors, develop a training plan to address these issues and prevent the emergence of other problematic behaviors.

Trick Training

We recognize the significance of mental stimulation for your dog, and trick training is an excellent method. CIT offers a variety of entertaining and interactive tricks to ensure your dog remains active and engaged.


No matter whom your dog is aggressive towards, we consider this a significant concern. Our trainers will assess the cause of the aggression and develop a tailored training program to reduce the frequency of aggressive incidents.

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