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Houston, we have lift off!

We offer a convenient shuttle service for our Unleashed Retreat clients. Whether it’s for daycare, boarding, or grooming, we’ll make sure they’re on time for check-in and/or home for dinner. Our top priority is to be able to provide the highest level of care while simultaneously accommodating your schedule. For those who live in Downtown, Houston (or closest to our facility), we can guarantee this service will be available to you! For those staying further away, we highly suggest you contact us for more information, as still we want to help you and your pup!


Below you’ll find a list of properties we have previously visited. If yours isn’t listed, or if you have any questions, please contact us! Keep in mind that we are limited to residential communities such as apartment complexes or high rises at this time.

  • Brava (0.2mi)

  • Aris (0.5mi)

  • The Rice (0.5mi)

  • Catalyst (0.8mi)

  • The Star (0.8mi)

  • SoDo on Main (1.2mi)

  • Parkside Residences (1.3mi)

  • Art House Sawyer Yards (1.3mi)

  • Camden Downtown Apartments (1.4mi)

  • The Westcott (4.8mi)

Here's how you can reserve a seat for your pup:

  • If your residence is listed above:

  1. Schedule a reservation or grooming appointment

  2. Make a note requesting Shuttle Service

  3. Send us an email or call us to confirm that we have received your request for Shuttle Service

  4. Sit back & wait for your reservation to be approved!


  • If your residence is NOT listed above:

  1. Contact us to check if we can arrange to pick-up at your location.

  2. If yes, follow steps 1-4 above. If not, continue to step 3 below.

  3. In the event your location has not been approved for Shuttle Service, we are willing arrange for an early check-in or late check-out (as early as 6am & as late as 8pm!)

  4. If an early check-in or late check-out works for you, follow steps 1-4 above. If not, we deeply regret to inform you that there's nothing else we can do at this time.

Interested in seeing your complex featured in our social media or listed on our website? The button below will take you to another page with more information.

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