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We're proud to present our easy-to-choose collection of care packages; ranging from the basic necessities to full-on VIP treatment! Let our specialists treat your pup to a well-deserved bath and nail trim, or upgrade to a full-service package to get the most out of their visit!

For the continued health and safety of our furry friends (& our staff), we strongly encourage you certify that all of your pup's vaccines are up to date prior to their appointment. Visit our FAQs page for more information!

Pricing & Packages

Full-Service Spa Package

For the pup who plays hard and deserves a little extra TLC.

Includes: bath, brushout, gland expression, hygiene trim, nail trim, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing.

XS/S -$60, M - $70, L - $80, X/XXL - $90 & up

Bubbles & Blowout 

Dog Blower

AKA: De-Shed Package. No rush, we'll handle the brush.

Includes: bath, 10 minutes of brushing w/Furminator®, nail trim, and ear cleaning.


MEMBERSHIP HOLDERS get one (1) free during the month of their pup's birthday!

XS/S -$35, M - $40, L - $50, X/XXL - $80 & up

Basic Bath & Nail Trim

Having a Bath

BYOB: Build Your Own Bath! Fully customizable experience for your pup!

Includes: bath, and nail trim ONLY.

XS/S -$30, M - $35, L - $45, X/XXL - $50 & up

Full-Service Salon Package

Grooming Salon

For the pup who needs a cut from nose to butt! 

Includes: everything from Full-Svc Spa Package, PLUS a full-body haircut!

XS/S -$70, M - $85, L - $95, X/XXL - $110 & up

Soak & Scissors

Dog Haircut

From scruff to fluff; OUR MOST PUP-ULAR SERVICE!

Includes: bath, full-body trim, nail trim, ear cleaning, and tooth brushing.

XS/S -$65, M - $80, L - $90, X/XXL - $105 & up


Trimming the Fur

Quality care between full-service salon appointments.

Includes: basic bath, gland expression, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and a face/hygiene trim

XS/S -$40, M - $45, L - $60, X/XXL - $70 & up

A La Carte / Add-On Services

Keep your pup picture-ready with our individual services! 



Nail Trim (clip & smooth)

w/Colored Polish

Teeth Brushing

Ear Cleaning

Hygiene/Sanitary Trim

Anal Gland Expression


Nail Polish (only)







*contact us*


Boost the effectiveness of any bath; ask us about using a range of products tailored to any of the following concerns!


Shed Control

Flea & Tick Wash

Soothing Oatmeal

Premium Shampoo






Looking to further express your pet's personality?

Ask us about coloring your pup's hair!!

We have pet-safe dyes available to transform your pup at your request

Please be sure to share a picture (or two) of your inspiration for our specialist to use as reference.

Before you schedule an appointment, please remember that the pricing listed above is provided as an estimate only; your final rate may vary due to temperament, coat condition, & etc. The same conditions apply to the length of the appointment, as we may discover that we need more time with your pup in order to provide quality results in a stress-free environment. Refer to our FAQs page for more information.

Since we place safety above all else, we will not complete any services without the written consent of the pup's owner. Please complete the forms below and either email them to us or upload them directly to your Gingr account any time BEFORE their appointment!

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