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What's happening in November?? 🌳🐿️

November is...

  • National Senior Pet Month: also known as National Adopt a Senior Pet Month. As the names imply, this month-long holiday is dedicated to helping and promoting senior pets in finding a loving and permanent home. (read more)

  • Pet Diabetes Month: dedicated to spreading awareness about this lifelong condition of diabetes, which affects approximately one in 300 adult dogs and one in 230 cats in the United States (learn more)

  • Pet Cancer Awareness Month: Cancer is the leading disease-related cause of death for domestic dogs and cats in the U.S., so this month, spread the word to help educate pet owners about how best to protect their furry family members. (help spread the word)

As we get closer to the new year, we have realized there aren't AS many dog-centered national holidays left, however we're still celebrating something here at Unleashed Retreat and for those of you with plans over the holidays, please consider us for all of your pups needs!

Please note, our facility will be closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day to spend time with our loved ones but will still have our loving staff come in and look after the dogs in our care. What this means is that we will NOT be accepting drop-offs/check-ins, conducting grooming appointments, or pick-ups/check-outs during those 3 days. However, on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve we will have very limited hours, so instead of 1pm-5pm, we are only going to be open 1pm-3pm. If you will need to drop off or pick up your pup, that will be your only window! Business hours will resume as normal on the days following Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day!

We have a lot of information to share, stay tuned for more blog posts!

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