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What's happening in October? (2023)

Though it may not feel like Autumn (yet), we're going to move forward with the Fall celebrations! Take a look at our events calendar below to see what's in store for the month to come 🍂

October has 2 month-long observances that we feel are very important to share whether or not you have a pet. So, before we jump into the fun stuff, please allow us to provide a quick overview of these awareness topics!

  • National Pet Wellness Month. Just like us humans, our pets should receive yearly checkups. As regular veterinary visits are essential for the prevention and treatment of illness or disease. The overall wellness of your pet includes their dental health; so please make sure to have those chompers checked during their appointments. Dental health is the most overlooked issue, resulting in almost 80% of pets having some form of dental disease by 3 years of age!

  • National Animal Safety & Protection Month. It's important for pet owners to learn about common health concerns as well as tips for keeping their animal(s) healthy and safe. Even for people who do not have pets, animals play a very important role in our everyday lives and it's vital that we treat them kindly with the care and respect they deserve.


Our list of important dates and/or events is below, mark your calendars, or stay tuned for updates here on our website for more information!

🐕 October 1st-7th: National Walk Your Dog Week

🦇 October 1st-7th: National Animal Welfare Week

🖤 October 1st: National Black Dog Day

🌎 October 4th: National World Animal Day

🧠 October 10th: World Mental Health Day

💸 October 13th: 13% off grooming packages

🏆 October 16th-20th: Employee Pumpkin Decorating Contest

🐶 October 22nd: Make a Dog's Day

🍂 October 23rd-31st: Bark-Tober Fest

❤️ October 28th: National Pitbull Awareness Day

🎃 October 31st: Howl-O-Ween


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