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It's already August? Check out what we have going on this month!

There may not be any major holidays this month, but we DO have some nationally dedicated days for our pups to help celebrate and raise awareness for!

This month is #NationalPetImmunizationAwarenessMonth and we think it's perfect timing for our new partnership with BetterVet!! If you have adopted a new puppy and/or just tired of sitting in traffic, we invite you to come take advantage of some exclusive savings! BetterVet is a leader in mobile veterinary healthcare and we're working tirelessly to bring you their first on-site visit with us at Unleashed Retreat. Speaking of savings, don't miss out on the chance to save $99 in travel fees by saving your spot for our on-site visit; fill out this form and we'll keep you informed!!

Back to our events: DOGust, or August 1st, is the day for shelter dogs (current & previous) across the nation to celebrate their birthdays! Those out there with unknown birthdays deserve to celebrate too!! We've shared some information on our social media accounts, explaining why Dogust is a very important day. But in case you missed it, here's an article from the Animal Humane Society with some information and ideas for you to celebrate! It may not be August 1st anymore, but there's no reason to NOT still celebrate!

Stay tuned for more exciting news, posts, pictures and more!!

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